HPS Finds a Better Way to Manage Your Healthcare Payments

Posted by Beth Griffin on 11/30/2017

Imagine if credit card companies sent separate statements for every transaction you made, rather than in a single bill. That would mean a huge amount of paperwork, confusion and challenge to keep up with all those bills. Yet, for many, this is exactly what they experience with healthcare bills today.

When Jim Brindley, founder of Health Payment Systems (HPS), was in the midst of a battle with cancer, he found himself facing a myriad of bills, Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) and other related paperwork that he found confusing and overwhelming when all he wanted to do was get healthy. Jim decided “there has to be a better way” to pay for healthcare.

Thanks to that vision, HPS now offers a comprehensive and simple healthcare payment solution. The patented Prompt Payment System technology at the core of HPS’ services consolidates all of your healthcare bills and EOBs into a single, easy to read statement called the SuperEOB®, available online/mobile or in paper. HPS also offers a comprehensive Wisconsin provider network supporting its customers with access to over 23,000 providers across the state. The HPS business model, with payment plans that fit any budget, eases stress on employees who know that they have guaranteed access to providers when they need healthcare.

HPS has processed over $1billion in claims since its founding and is proud to be partnered with major health plans and practitioners all over Wisconsin.”

Beyond the consumer, HPS benefits many other constituents in the market. The network is constantly growing as healthcare providers, TPAs and Wisconsin employers come on board to take advantage of what HPS has to offer. Perhaps most significant: HPS employer clients experience a lower than market healthcare cost trend year after year, saving money for all involved. And with this growth, HPS has processed over $1billion in claims since its founding and is proud to be partnered with major health plans and practitioners all over Wisconsin.

This success did not come easy. HPS got to where they are now by refusing to sacrifice quality. With numerous private investors and a dedicated team, they developed unique, first-to-market technology to erase the confusion from healthcare billing. When patients are already dealing with the stress of an illness, there’s no reason the billing process should be anything other than simple.

By providing customers with the SuperEOB®, a comprehensive provider network and zero percent financing payments, HPS is able to ensure that healthcare billing is simplified down to “one statement, one payment and one place to call.” It’s as easy as that. From their headquarters in Milwaukee, WI, HPS continues to revolutionize healthcare for employers across their home state. To learn more about HPS, and to find out how they can help your business, visit our website today!