Our Consumer-Centric Approach

Mike Repka, CEO of Independent Physicians Network

Transform the healthcare billing experience

HPS helps you deliver the ideal consumer experience and positions you as an innovator.

HPS has been awarded Honorable Mention in the “Transformational Approach” category in the “A Bill You Can Understand” Design & Innovation Challenge.

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“I feel like the overview, presentation and functionality are well thought out. The application is transferable for hospitals and other types of medical billing. Very patient centered and a bill that I would be willing to personally use. ” Design Challenge Advisory Panel

“It gives me the details that I want, at my pace, I can look at the elements that are relevant to me. ” Patient Focus Group

“Patients don't want separate bills from hospital, nursing, doctor. We want one statement that shows everything.” Mad*Pow Research, 2016

“56% of users were hesitant about seeking additional medical care because of their experience with medical bills.” Mad*Pow Research, 2016

Healthcare organizations are now focusing more on the consumer experience than ever.

Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) are designed to generate revenue by keeping patients happy. When ACOs were a tad newer, beneficiaries reportedly confirmed they were indeed satisfied with the level of care received from an ACO. But the push from fee-for-service to value-based care continues. As healthcare consumers become increasingly accountable for their health outcomes, new focus on how to improve the patient experience is imperative.

Source: RevCycle Intelligence, J.DiChiara, Jan. 2016

While the success or failure of the ACO movement remains an open question, if ACOs meet their quality and cost benchmarks, the ACO model may become the dominant form of health care in the United States over the next decade.

Source: Athena health

ACOs development is coinciding with a rise in consumerism in health care and can effectively play into a consumer-focused strategy in which healthcare providers use retail and electronic means to improve service to their populations and individuals.

For such a strategy to succeed, it must truly be consumer-focused, with the goal of creating the best consumer experience possible, both clinically and administratively. This approach also provides the best opportunity for an ACO to be effective and successful. Many industry experts have stressed the need for increased patient engagement, but this term may not go far enough, and ACOs are likely to garner better results if the focus is, instead, on consumer engagement.

To foster strong consumer engagement, ACO leaders should develop consumer service strengths with a focus on three key aspects of service delivery: care management, communication and commitment.

Source: HFMA, Patten & Fontana