There are several important stakeholders in today’s health care equation. They include the health care consumer that directly benefits from the service, the employer who typically pays for the majority of health care costs, the third-party administrator who administers the payment of claims and the provider who delivers healthcare services.

Our collective goal is to reduce the cost of healthcare administration while maintaining the highest level of provider and patient satisfaction in the industry.

Client Engagement Team

Our experienced Client Engagement Team is an impassioned group of advisors that have been at HPS since the beginning. In addition to establishing partnerships with providers to develop a provider network, the team collaborates with employers, brokers/consultants and third-party administrators to introduce our all-in-one solution so employees benefit from better understanding and controlling their healthcare dollars.

Health Care Systems, Specialty and/or Independent Providers

The Provider Network Support Team is focused on delivering an enhanced patient experience and improved financial performance to our provider partnerships. HPS is partnering with over 90% of the healthcare networks in Wisconsin.

The Provider Network Support Team is responsible for onboarding and daily administration of new providers and delivers value through helping our partners improve their bottomline. They are passionate for customer advocacy and support providers with ongoing administration.

HPS is the clear solution to healthcare confusion.

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There are a number of different ways you may contact us:
414.271.5700 Client Engagement Team
8 a.m. – 5 p.m. CT (Monday – Friday)
To speak to an advisor about our products and services.

Implementation Team

Our experienced Implementation Team follows a structured process to deliver an on-time and seamless plan implementation from discovery through activation for our new provider and health plan partners. Thorough planning is completed upfront to ensure important details are uncovered early on and accounted for. Proper planning and effective project management allows for our partners to experience the value of HPS as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Customer Care

Our commitment to our customers is exemplified through our products and service delivery:

  • We have experienced how difficult and frustrating managing healthcare bills can be.
  • Our All-in-One Solution – one statement, one payment and one place to call – eliminates the frustration and improves the consumer experience.

Our Customer Care Specialists anticipate your needs and provide responsive, advocacy-level service along with the professionalism you expect.