The challenges inherent in today’s healthcare payment process are different for different stakeholders.

To address these different problems, Health Payment Systems (HPS) offers a unique and comprehensive solution built on leading-edge technology and designed to eliminate patient confusion and increase satisfaction.

Using advanced electronic data interchange technology, Health Payment Systems acts as the intellectual conduit to process, consolidate and transmit claims and payment information between all stakeholders.

The end result is our patented SuperEOB that tells a consumer exactly what to pay. This technology delivers a complete, fully integrated member experience from enrollment to payment using our all-in-one solution: one statement, one payment and one place to call.

Features & Benefits:

  • Patented, turn-key integration that streamlines claim processing and statement rendering resulting in one consolidated monthly statement.
  • Outsourced technology and servicing solution for provider billing and collections that eliminates sending multiple Explanation of Benefits and physician statements.
  • Healthcare expenses are clearly presented on one credit card-like statement making it easy for consumers to understand and pay.