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Relentless rising healthcare costs that hurt the employer’s bottom line. Confusing and unexpected bills that frustrate consumers. We all know the healthcare system is broken. While you can’t fix everything for your clients, you can provide them with the resources and tools to best manage costs while still delivering a quality benefits plan for their employees.

HPS can help. Level-funded and self-funded health insurance can help your clients build a creative, cost-saving health plan. Add in our broad independent provider network and consumer financial wellness tools, and you’re on your way to simplifying healthcare and protecting your client’s bottom line. 


Most Effective Independent Provider Network in Eastern Wisconsin

Deliver substantial cost savings to your clients with HPS’ broad WI provider network. HPS is constantly negotiating better rates, expanding the network and looking for nontraditional care models to save your clients even more, which is why we consistently have below-market healthcare trend.

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Simple Billing & Payment Experience for Consumers

Your clients’ employees and their dependents benefit from HPS’ SuperEOB, a simple one-bill payment experience that eliminates healthcare confusion. The patient gets just one bill covering all providers and procedures, with one amount to pay and payment plan options.

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