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As healthcare costs rise and the system gets more and more frustrating for consumers, it takes a toll on your patient relationships. This is especially true when it comes to billing and collections, and can impact a patient’s decision to seek out care that they need. In fact, 24% of Americans have forgone needed medical care due to inability to pay.

By joining the HPS independent healthcare provider network, billing and collections are taken off your plate, so you can focus on doing what’s best for the patient. HPS pays your patient’s claims to you, and then we handle collecting payment from the patient. We eliminate the financial friction between you and your patients by handling the billing for you—while steering even more patients your way. 


Most Effective Independent Provider Network in Eastern Wisconsin

HPS offers the broadest independent healthcare provider network in the state. By joining our unique network, you get access to new lives (and more profitable existing lives). Drive new patients to your facility through innovative reimbursement methods such as value-based, bundled fees.

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Simplified Billing & Payment Experience for Patient and Provider

HPS provides a consolidated EOB and billing statement for patients on your behalf, and we provide you payment (both plan and member portions) for clean claims usually within 20 days. The patient gets a single, easy-to-understand bill (our SuperEOB) and pays HPS directly, fostering happier, engaged consumers who are more likely to seek care when they need it.

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“Dealing with collections, especially on high-deductible health plans, has been very difficult for our physician offices, and the fact that HPS handles that… helps them receive money quicker and helps with their cash flow.”

Mike Repka, CEO of Independent Physicians Network


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