Consider a health benefit that makes your benefits package more competitive while protecting your bottom line

PayMedix is our innovative payment platform that guarantees payment to providers, credit to patients, and simplicity for all.

PayMedix is our innovative payment platform that guarantees payment to providers, credit to patients, and simplicity for all.

How HPS Helps You

HPS offers employers a way to manage their healthcare costs while still providing a comprehensive health plan that employees appreciate. Only HPS combines a broad independent provider network with our innovative PayMedix payment platform to deliver significant savings, increased access to care, and simplified billing and payment.

How HPS Supports You

Provider Network

Our large independent provider network allows you to choose from a variety of high-quality and cost-effective physicians and practices.

PayMedix SuperEOB®

Our SuperEOB® simplifies billing and payments by sending members just one consolidated bill covering all providers and procedures each month.

Payments Network

HPS takes the responsibility for patient billing and financial wellness, eliminating the confusion and frustration that stop patients from seeking needed care. Our payment network makes it easy to understand each bill and provides convenient ways to make payments.

Why Employers Love HPS

Always-Available Support
Employers can trust we’re always here for you with a dedicated customer engagement manager and our local team of customer care providers. We’re looking out for you and your employees, allowing your HR team to focus on other priorities

High Employee Satisfaction
When your employees aren’t stressed about medical payments and bills piling up, they can be more present at work and at home. And happy, more engaged employees are more productive and more likely to stay with your company. 

The PayMedix SuperEOB®

HPS provides single-statement billing with our proprietary SuperEOB® statement. Instead of receiving multiple pieces of mail, members receive one easy-to-read statement for the entire family.

Why Members Love HPS & the PayMedix SuperEOB®

Most consumers are confused by the traditional medical billing system. Not HPS members.

were confused by their medical billing system (prior to joining HPS)
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say the PayMedix SuperEOB® helps them understand exactly what they owe
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say having one simple, consolidated bill is a better way to pay

Wisconsin families believe the HPS PayMedix SuperEOB® is a better tool than they had in the past. Members report that the SuperEOB makes it easier to understand healthcare expenses and offers an easier way to pay them through interest-free loans and the ability to use credit cards and Apple Pay.

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