Health Payment Systems (HPS) is a privately-held healthcare technology and services organization headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin , offering solutions to enhance the consumer healthcare billing and payments experience, while driving value to healthcare providers, health insurance companies and employers.

Since its founding in 2005, HPS’ patented solutions—including the highly differentiated single consolidated statement of medical services for a family and the related online and mobile access with multiple payment options – have benefitted many constituents in the healthcare market:

  • Healthcare providers, Health insurance companies and employers are empowered to offer an enhanced billing and payment experience to their patients/members/employees, improving their brand loyalty while strengthening their financial results.
  • Families gain the overall enhanced experience of one monthly consolidated healthcare statement instead of multiple Explanation of Benefits and providers’ invoices, as well as the convenient access to online and mobile channels for detailed healthcare service claims data and multiple payment options.

Health Payment Systems enables one statement, one payment and one place to call, making it the clear solution to healthcare confusion.

HPS is led by President and CEO Terry Rowinski , and to date has processed over $2 billion in claims. HPS is a partner to all major health plans and practitioners in Wisconsin.