PayMedix is our innovative payment platform that guarantees payment to providers, credit to patients, and simplicity for all.

PayMedix is our innovative payment platform that guarantees payment to providers, credit to patients, and simplicity for all.

Consumer-Commitment At HPS

It’s often said that we don’t appreciate our health until we lose it. According to a recent American Census, Americans are visiting doctors in decreasing numbers, yet our health is not improving. The hassle of paperwork associated with medical appointments has become one deterrent for patients, as it can leave them feeling perplexed, irked, and swamped.

Even for those fortunate enough to have health insurance, visiting their physicians can feel daunting. Americans are busier than ever, working increasingly more hours, and yet they feel frustrated by the amount of financial responsibility involved in managing their health. Oftentimes, consumers even feel overwhelmed with high deductibles and powerless to navigate complex billing systems. A single medical procedure results in multiple bills from multiple providers, and a stack of EOBs from the insurance company to sift through. They often don’t understand what they are billed for, what is covered, what has been paid, and so on.

Since 2010, deductibles have risen by an astounding 44% for workers enrolled in a single coverage plan, and the number of those enrolled in high deductible plans continues to rise at an alarming rate. This translates to higher costs for consumers, an increase in medical collections activity, and amplified frustration and confusion for patients. It’s no wonder people are hesitant to go to the doctor.

Consumer-Commitment At HPS

Those at HPS are concerned for the health and well-being of your employees. They are dedicated to empowering patients by compiling and sorting all the data for your employees and creating a simple process with one statement, one payment, and one place to call.

HPS takes a consumer-centric approach, focusing on streamlining the medical insurance and billing process for patients. HPS offers employees a program in which one monthly statement will be received after sorting through all the bills and EOBs to simplify the data. This allows patients to finance their health care over time by making one monthly payment to cover the owed balances. This system focuses on what is right for the consumer by alleviating multiple points of stress and confusion inherent in the current standard health care insurance and billing methods. HPS is proud to be the only organization to offer these services to consumers.

HPS has created a system centered on employee needs, and this claim has been validated by the market. In 2017, HPS was awarded the Health 2.0 Design for Health for consumer-centric healthcare solutions. In addition, HPS was recognized by Health and Human Services (HHS) for our Transformational Approach to healthcare billing. 12 Wisconsin Federal Congressional delegates signed a letter to HHS, endorsing the HPS solution and its value to the market in 2016. HIMSS, as a part of its Patient Financial Experience of the Future, has identified the need for a consolidated bill and EOB over a continuum of care to support the consumer. HPS offers that solution.

HPS makes the administration of healthcare more efficient, reduces administrative expenses, and gives consumers access to the health care they deserve, alleviating the confusion and frustration. Furthermore, this simple plan minimizes the generation of medical debt that adversely affects consumers and the market at large. HPS is committed to consumers, driving everything they do.

One statement, one payment, and one place to call.

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