PayMedix is our innovative payment platform that guarantees payment to providers, credit to patients, and simplicity for all.

PayMedix is our innovative payment platform that guarantees payment to providers, credit to patients, and simplicity for all.

Get to Know Health Payment Systems

Even though many advances have been made in medical technology, employers still find that healthcare billing and payments for their employees have not improved. Employees still receive statements and bills from an assortment of healthcare providers – some of whom they have never heard of – and their insurance company and don’t know what to do. It can be overwhelming.

Employees are responsible for more healthcare expenses these days, which often contributes to employee stress and can lead to an unhealthy workforce. There is also additional strain on Human Resources as they try to support employees with this financial stress while also working through their healthcare concerns. This can be costly for businesses, reducing overall productivity.

Health Payment Systems (HPS) has created a streamlined consumer billing experience to reduce the confusion and time related to employee’s healthcare billing. By consolidating an employee’s healthcare bills and Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) into one credit card-like statement called the SuperEOB®, HPS is a vital addition to any employee benefit plan. The network shares its capabilities in promoting:

Solution #1: One Statement Receiving multiple paper statements that explain complex benefits can be overwhelming and problematic for employees, causing them to be unsure of which services and providers they can seek for medical care. And Human Resources representatives are often inundated with pressing concerns about these matters.

HPS is the only company that includes all in-network providers and related EOBs in a single monthly SuperEOB statement, creating a simplified statement that employees can easily understand, mitigating the need to contact Human Resources.

Solution #2: One Payment Another challenge for many employees is understanding and managing multiple healthcare bill payments. Most providers send individual bills that must be paid through various web sites or physical mail addresses, and many of these providers will not offer further services until previous bills are paid. Research shows that 56% of users were hesitant about seeking additional medical care due to unsatisfactory experiences with their billing.

By consolidating all provider bills and EOBs into the SuperEOB, HPS allows employees to make one easy payment with multiple payment options. And with payment plans available, including those with zero percent financing, an employee can make monthly payments that fit within their budget. When an employee pays HPS, they take care of the rest, guaranteeing that healthcare will not be delayed for employees due to outstanding healthcare balances.

Solution #3: One Place to Call As Human Resource representatives can attest, employees tend to have many questions about their healthcare benefits and bills. Questions for healthcare insurance companies are also commonplace. Unfortunately, employees usually must spend valuable time when at work calling different facilities to get the answers they need. HPS Customer Service Advocates making it easy and quick for employees to get the answers they need pertaining to billing.

The All-in-One Solution Employees gain a simpler, modern experience with the monthly SuperEOB statement through HPS. And with payment plans available, including those with zero percent financing, paying for healthcare can be less stressful. In addition, HPS clients have also had lower than market healthcare cost trends year after year.

Questions and uncertainty relating to healthcare billing reduce productivity and performance in your business. But with HPS, employees benefit from easy-to-understand statements and easy-to-make payments, resulting in a healthier, less-stressed workforce for employers.

Learn more about HPS benefits, including 24/7 web and mobile access, by visiting hps.md or contacting HPS at sales@hps.md today. Check out the infographic below to see a summary of the HPS Solution, and learn more about HPS benefits.

Get to Know Health Payment Systems

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